Friday, June 9, 2023
Friday, June 9, 2023
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Universal AI University Becomes India’s First University to Offer Dedicated AI Undergraduate and Post Graduate Curriculum; Sets to Start Operations Soon

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Maharashtra based Universal AI University will become India’s first University to impart degree and post graduate specialized courses in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Maharashtra Government’s Higher and Technical Education Department approved this first – of – its – kind and the State’s first AI University and issued the commencement letter on 25th January, 2023. Universal AI University will kick-start the first academic year from 1st August 2023.

As the first dedicated University, the new Universal AI University will offer a specially designed curriculum in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The University has tailored special Undergraduate and Post Graduate programmes in AI and Future Technologies. It has also designed other new-age courses such as Liberal Arts and Humanities, Global Affairs and Diplomacy, Law, Environment and Sustainability and Sports Sciences.

The University has set up a Green campus in Karjat near Mumbai in Maharashtra.

Speaking at the announcement, Prof. Tarundeep Singh Anand, Chancellor and Founder of Universal AI University said, “With the world moving towards more automation and digital transformation, AI education and research is highly important for a country to stay competitive in the global economy. Thus, India’s first dedicated AI University will be a key driver of the country’s growth and development in the 21st century by teaching Universal skill – sets. Additionally, the university would serve as a research hub for the development of new AI technologies, which would bring economic and technological benefits to India.”

Under India’s new National Education Policy, the Government is striving to introduce skill – oriented courses to the country’s young population to gain vocational or higher education degrees by 2035 – an increase of 500 million students.

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