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Umiyadham Shilanyas Mahotsav

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Umiyadham Shilanyas Mahotsav

Prime Minister Modi will virtually join the Umiyadham Shilanyas Mahotsav on December 13
Home Minister Amit Shah and Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel were present on the occasion
Abhijit Bhatt, Gandhinagar:
Union Home Minister Amit Shah has arrived in Sola, Ahmedabad today to attend the groundbreaking ceremony of the Umiyadham temple. Amit Shah will also inaugurate and finalize development works worth Rs 275 crore in Gandhinagar parliamentary constituency at 5 pm today.

Governor Acharya Devvrat and Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel along with Amit Shah were also present at Umiya Mataji’s temple construction program. On December 13, Prime Minister Modi will virtually join the groundbreaking ceremony and address the audience. Former Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel was also seen on stage with Amit Shah at the festival.

On this occasion, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said, “I thank Umiyamata Sansthan for giving me the opportunity to participate in this sacred work, for inviting me.” Today, in this sacred work, I have also got an opportunity to lay a brick in the foundation stone of the Dham.

Umiyadham Shilanyas Mahotsav

At a cost of Rs. Here is a huge model. After taking this place for many years, I would like to extend my best wishes to the Patidar Samaj for its determination to become a center of Kadva Patidar Samaj in Ahmedabad. Call me whenever this magnificent temple is built and I will come safely.

He added that many people have donated and many people will donate which will lead to a big movement here. But a bigger contribution than this is to write 51 crore mantras of Umiya Sharanam Mum and bring it down to the foundation of the temple. I give her asceticism.

Many calamities befell this temple which has been standing still for 1800 years, Mataji had to hide for some time. Since then the temple has been built many times, made of wood, peaked and now a grand temple is also going to be built in Ahmedabad. This 1800-year journey shows that wherever there is faith, no matter how many invasions take place, once again the flame of faith shines and magnificent temples are built. The only way to fight corona, he said, is a complete vaccination. Anyone who needs to take another dose should take it. So that we can protect the state from Corona.

Former Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said, “Babubhai Patel had earlier donated Rs 25 crore but considering our request, he has decided to donate Rs 31 crore.” The question was where they would land if they came here for any work. That’s why I took this land. But now it is being planned to keep in mind what the new generation wants. Thank you very much to those who are giving generously in this.

Babubhai Jamnadas Patel, chairman of Unjha Umiyadham, said the temple was going to be built at a cost of Rs 1,500 crore. This institution is the heart of Ahmedabad. New buildings including a religion complex and education complex will be constructed. Arrangements will be made for more than 1200 children of the society from school to master’s degree. Bitter patidars are moving forward keeping everyone together.

Babu Jamna Patel declined to comment on the issue of withdrawing cases during the Patidar reservation movement. He said that only Umiyadham would be mentioned here. There is no politics in Mataji’s organization, people from all political parties are invited.

Dilip Patel, Honorary Minister of Unjha Umiyadham, said that Umiyadham is an organization working with the community. Our organizations including Ambaji, and Bahucharaji help people. A grand system is being set up in Ahmedabad 74 thousand times. A restaurant will also be built.

A hostel will also be built. There will be a grand temple on the ancient theme of urban style. It will be a magnificent temple with 255 feet, 160 feet, and 132 feet peaks. Iron is not used anywhere in the temple. Pothiyatra will start with mantras worth Rs 51,000 crore.

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